Do you need help raising funds for your group with a healthy, innovative idea?

Selling Seed to Feed packs offers an easy and fun alternative for your fundraising group.

With grocery and general cost of living going up, more and more people are wanting to grow their own veggies to help supplement their household needs.

But what do we plant? And when?

Seed to Feed is an easy, complete garden system. It combines veggies, greens, and companion plants in a simple planting system so you will have a productive, balanced garden all year round.

There is a handful of seeds to plant twice a month on the date labelled. There’s no more worrying about what to plant when. The seed varieties are spread over their whole growing season, so rather than planting one bumper crop, you have a few of each variety ready to harvest at a time.

There are three different options depending on the space you have.

Contact us at Seed to Feed to register your group and get more information
on how your group can raise funds by selling Seed to Feed packs.

Seed to Feed
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Forster NSW 2428
Within Australia: 0417 658 296
Outside Australia: +61 417 658 296